Allstate Roadside Assistance Complete Guide


Allstate roadside assistance is provided by Allstate Corporation, and it is an American insurance company. The headquarters of the organization is based in Illinois. The company has been in business since 1991. The main business of Allstate is to offer insurance to automobiles. You can ensure your car, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, RV and even boat with the help of Allstate Insurance. As an add-on service, Allstate also offers roadside assistance to its customers.  On this page, we have listed some information about 24-hour Allstate roadside assistance. Go ahead and check out the details in the sections below.

Allstate Roadside Assistance

Benefits of Allstate assistance 

Allstate roadside assistance comes with several benefits. We have listed some of them below.

  • Allstate roadside assistance is available 24×7, and in most cases, you get service within 30 minutes.
  • The Allstate roadside assistance is available in the United States & Canada.
  • You get access to a mobile app, and the services are available nationwide.
  • Allstate roadside assistance also provides towing & roadside services.
  • Allstate roadside assistance proves to be very affordable if you have their insurance policy.
  • Options for family plans are also available.

Plans & Pricing

Allstate roadside assistance has three plans available. The membership plan starts at $79 a year. If you wish to opt for pay-per-use, the plan would cost you $119. If you already have Allstate insurance, you can get their roadside assistance at only $25 per year. If you go by our recommendation, you must opt for a membership plan or an insurance add-on.

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Allstate roadside assistance contact Number and Website 

In case of emergency, you can reach out to Allstate roadside assistance. They will support you irrespective of your coverage. You won’t have to pay for services if you have Allstate roadside assistance. Else you would be asked to pay. For Allstate roadside assistance, you can call on 1 877 597 3393. In addition, you can download their mobile apps from here. The official website for Allstate roadside assistance is

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