AAMI Roadside Assistance Complete Details


AAMI is in the business of providing insurance. The organization offers car, home & property, business, health, and even life insurance. Along with these services, AAMI also offers some value-added services. Roadside Assistance is one of them. While buying comprehensive car insurance, you can add AAMI roadside assistance to the plan and have 24×7 support for your vehicle. On this page, you will find more information about AAMI roadside assistance. So, go ahead and check out the details now.

AAMI Roadside Assistance

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AAMI roadside assistance offers a great value to the users. You get 24×7 support with no restriction on the number of call-outs. In addition, AAMI roadside assistance is available on the vehicle. So, no matter who is driving the car, you will get support. This roadside assistance also provides jump start services, tyre replacement services, emergency fuel delivery and lockout services. Lastly, if you have a major fault in the car, then AAMI roadside assistance can also tow the car to the nearest service centre. You should note that AAMI roadside assistance can only be purchased with comprehensive insurance, and it is not possible to buy AAMI roadside assistance as stand-alone coverage.

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AAMI Roadside Assistance Phone Number

If you have issues with your car, please dial 1800 154 810 or 13 22 44. These are the contact numbers for AAMI roadside assistance. Provide the details to the agent on the phone, and the support vehicle will be dispatched. The usual wait time for AAMI roadside assistance is around 45 minutes. Once the support vehicle is here, you can allow them to look at the car and the fault. In 80% of the cases, the fault is repaired on the road; however, in some cases, the vehicle might have to be towed to the nearest dealership. The official website for AAMI roadside assistance is https://www.aami.com.au/car-insurance/comprehensive/roadside-assist.html.